The world and society have changed, transforming the way people live, work and relate. With this, each unique and plural individual becomes responsible for an infinity of actions that move the world, especially the corporate universe.

We understand this movement and we are present, seeking to analyze each part of this living organism that is the world in which we live and we have built a new way of doing business. A methodology that influences the environment, the economy and society. An eco-sustainable system in which people generate business, business inspires the market and the market moves people.

We call this Circular Business movement a way of thinking about the corporate future and relationships for the sake of common projects, goals and businesses, creating and executing major initiatives that generate results in the lives of our Business Partners, companies, organizations and investors.

Each member of this powerful network has an essential role. Our Business Partners, extremely qualified and recognized people from the market and from various segments, combine all their knowledge and experience to develop, with assertiveness, exclusive projects, totally personalized for companies and investors, through the union of the human resources of the network, collaboration and proactivity .


Wave's created the Circular Business Forum® based on real cases of network business development, including reflections, stimuli and studies that highlight the new moment in the global economy. Your participation in this forum helps to plan your new professional moment with the definition of personal goals and support to be put into execution.

The provocative approach takes a practical approach, with Business Partners sharing their work experiences in addition to a grid of effective discussions in helping to move Wave's Circular Business Company concept, generating opportunities for new projects and partnerships with companies and investors.


During the first 3 months as a Business Partner, the executive participates in a forum in several areas of knowledge, seeking to level his knowledge with that of the network and integrating with the other members of Wave.

Simultaneously with the Circular Business Forum, the executive will be able to bring and participate in businesses that will assist in his assertive involvement with the most varied projects.


Executives invited to become Business Partners, have long experience in their area of ​​activity and seek a different way of working, which adds value to other executives and business in an innovative and collaborative way.

Each executive goes through a moment to understand his goals

Wave encourages everyone to share their experiences and networks. Everything on the network is visible for everyone to be able to analyze and understand the best ideas for business development.

Wave provides a 45-hour discussion forum for everyone to understand a new career model. All discussions are based on the businesses that have been developed in recent years, in addition to being totally practical with the aim of preparing people for this new model.

All businesses are shared in a totally unique and shared earnings form. None of our executives end up entering each opportunity alone, quite the contrary, each potential business is formed a group so that its development is faster and more effective.